Ghana: Round Three

6 Jun

For all of 2016, I’ve gone back and forth on the decision to go to Ghana during our year in Mexico. But through many conversations with mentors and family at home and here in Mexico, I feel confident in my decision to go to Ghana!  I’ve made a commitment to ministry, missions and relationships. 


Every year before I head to Ghana I usually post about my heart and my goals. This year looks so much different for me. I’ve thought about Ghana constantly but I was always quick to remind myself to focus on the here and now in Mexico City. For example, I packed for this trip to Ghana in December 2016 before I left for Mexico so I wouldn’t have to worry about it when I got home in June.  Honestly, I am nervous about the culture shock I will experience (even though I’ve been to Ghana several times…) because it will be a quick transition from from Mexican culture – home – Ghanaian culture – home – Mexican culture. But God is in control. I set my necklace below to Ghana and Mexico time zones so I can be praying for both countries!


As our trip to Ghana gets closer and closer our team is doing a lot to prepare:
-collecting supplies like washcloths, toothbrushes and clothes
-preparing for school and church visits and VBS
-packing suitcases!
-eating a traditional African meal with Fidelis
-so many little details!

Since I can’t be with the team I am preparing by:
-taking ASL classes through with a teacher, Danielle 
-preparing my talk… I am speaking about the dangers of social media & sex trafficking to young women
-flying to Houston to get my visa


I have been reflecting on a few questions all year:
why did i want to return? especially while being in Mexico?
why did i save my money? collect items throughout the year?
why is this important to me?
why has Ghana constantly been on my mind these last 4 years?
what is my goal while there?

 My goals:

  • communicate well in sign language with my deaf friends and students
  • reconnect with old friends and make new friends
  • trust God in every moment
  • be mindful of every moment, even if we are sitting and waiting…
  • instead of waiting for golden opportunities, find the gold in the opportunities at hand
  • speak clearly to the young girls
  • Safe and speedy travel
  • God is evident in all our interactions and conversations
  • God will move in amazing ways. 

To read about our past trips:




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