the summary

16 May

I am finally home for a few months from non-stop traveling. My brain and heart are struggling to keep up with me to get back into the swing of work and school… oh and I am so missing Asian time and relaxed routines haha. I want to share a bunch of photos from my trip and the highlights. I am leaving out a lot of detail on purpose to protect friends abroad but I would love to tell you all about it over a mocha.

India: the country I have been dreaming about since I was little. I cried the first day as we rode in the car to the guesthouse where we stayed. India was chaotic and colorful just like I had envisioned. I was beyond excited. We got to explore the neighborhood, get to know the team there and hang out with the locals. My last day in India I got henna on my hands, which is a traditional practice (you can google if you’d like). Although I was non-stop traveling in SE Asia every time I looked at my hands I had a constant gentle reminder to pray about India, the future, God’s beautiful and perfect plan.

Vietnam: wowza – it was beyond beautiful. Lush and green. I’d love to go back!

Cambodia: it had been over three years since I had studied abroad there. Last time I left anger and full of despair. This time I left with hope! A lot has changed and grown as generations are growing up, buildings are finished, body of Christ is growing, children are being protected and loved.


Thailand: being kissed by an elephant ❤ and Margaret being my tour guide

Colorado: being “home” with my college roommate and her family to sleep off our jetlag and enjoy the luxurious American life


Minnesota: a constant college reunion helping two of my dearest friends prepare for their wedding and marriage!

California: my graduation from my Master’s in Social work program was a great excuse to visit with Ryan’s family




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