see ya later alligator

9 Mar

Early in this morning Ryan and I left home to head abroad to explore a new country for ten days! Our hope is to get to know the people living there, fall in love, and make plans to move there later in the year.

We’d love your prayers so we created specific prayer requests for each day of our trip. Click here to check them out ❤

At dad’s clinic there is information to our other fundraiser “Slam Dunk” or you can click this link to check it out because March Madness is closer than you think

I am an overachiever so we’ve been all packed and ready to go for a few days now. I spent my last day in the US cranking out homework so I don’t have to worry about that on our trip. After our ten day trip, Ryan will be returning home to hold down the fort and work. I will be flying directly to SE Asia to explore with my friend M. We will be visiting friends, seeing all the tourist attractions, and then going home to MN for a wedding of our dear dear dear friends.

We are thankful for these last few months: downsizing, spending time with family, friends & students, our jobs, my school & internship etc.

PS happy birthday Karibeth and Tore – we love you.


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