and the spamming begins!

24 Feb

I apologize now… 🙂

Ryan and I are going abroad in two weeks to get to know the team and country for 10 days! Lord willing we will be returning later in the year to stay long-term! We just found out a few weeks ago about this “vision trip”. Its been a whirlwind of quick fundraising, buying tickets, packing, telling our bosses, cranking out homework, etc. We are SO excited but we need your prayer!


Pray for: our flights – our team – our health – wifi for Lauren’s school – discernment. Thank you – yall mean the world to us ❤

We created two quick fundraisers:

One buck prayer card

March madness bracket competition




Some of our support system!

Hints of where we are going….:


One Response to “and the spamming begins!”

  1. Curtis February 24, 2016 at 10:23 am #

    You wonderful, crazy, spirit filled and driven special friends, You remind me of Kathy and I when shipped off to seminary, and then home mission work. Of course we will pray and support you! What’s a one buck prayer card? “You can do all thins through Christ who strengthens you!” CGA version… GPAtneosen

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