Cheers from London!

7 Jul

Currently, Ryan and I are sitting in a hostel in London! We all had fun exploring London today. But I want to share about our last little bit in Ghana. Early in the morning we attended Angels’ school assembly full of worship and gifts. We gave them jerseys, friends of LCS shirts and “baker pride” shirts (originally Mount Baker school shirts but we changed into Mount Baker the mountain shirts haha). We had a blast and so did they.

We all visited Sylvia one last time – we sang and prayed together. I miss her sweet voice already. Her sister was rocking my earrings 🙂

After picking up the boys from school we headed to Accra to drop Fidelis off at the airport and have dinner before our flight. On the highway our van broke down!!! It isnt a trip to Africa without a bus fail haha. We overheated the poor van. We prayed and somehow that van made it to the airport with time to spare for Fidelis. Praise the Lord. We did some last minute shopping and ate an “American” meal. I witnessed deaf discrimination in the restaurant – I was so angry. I knew discrimination happened but it was the first time I had seen it firsthand.

We had a good flight in London! Besides us and the Thomas family everyone else is currently on a plane to the USA. I still have more thoughts I want to share about Ghana but I will wait until I am home in the States.


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