4th of July!

4 Jul

Happy 4th of July. We sang a few American lyrics in one of our van rides today in attempt to be patriotic.

While we were waiting for our marriage conference to start we took a suitcase full of jerseys to the “slum” aka unfinished government building next door. Fidelis shared the gospel and they looooved the jerseys.

We had an awesome marriage conference. Jeff & Stacy, Todd & Kari, Corey & Fidelis, Tyler, Mark, Mikal, Emily and Reghan all shared about marriage, godly wives & husbands and growing up in a Christian household. Nolan & Ethan ditched and played soccer with the pastors’ sons. Reghan and Loretta sang beautiful.

Afterwards, the boys swan in our hotel’s pool while the rest of us relaxed.

We all went back to the children’s home we had visited on Thursday, got a tour of the TINY home which hosted 17 people and played in their yard.

Then we stopped by another boys home to give them cars and ping pong supplies – hopefully we will go back tomorrow. Annie, of course, took a few more to visit Sylvia.

We ate fu-fu a traditional African meal tonight along with our typical meal consisting of rice, chicken and American fries.

When we got back to our hotel we watched the soccer game, Argentina vs Chile. Now we are off to bed to rest up for the childrens service tomorrow at church which will be SO wonderful.

Tomorrow is also our last full day :/ this week flew by. We will hopefully visit the boys home and Sylvia. But who knows. Its so hard to put our experiences, memories and laughter (and there’s been A LOT of laughter) into words for yall, especially with a slow wifi connection. But God is doing cool things here in Ghana!


These last few days have been so incredibly precious to me because I got to reconnect with my deaf ladies. They fill my heart with so much joy. We have been penpal-ing the last two years. I’ve missed them so much. They are so sweet, generous and humble. They’ve taught me SO much – for example how to serve one another. They are beautiful worshippers. The ladies are so patience with my signing and teach me a lot. They are our strongest prayer warriors. I am so grateful for them. I will be sad to leaving them again. They are one of the reasons I wanted to come back.


Galatians 5:22 // The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control


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  1. Curtis Atneosen July 4, 2015 at 5:41 pm #

    Thanks from Lynden

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