July 3rd

3 Jul

July 3rd

This morning we visited the elementary school right next to our hotel. We watched their morning program with singing and marching. Then we visited each classroom. Mikal “taught” a lesson on art aka shapes, animals, numbers. Mom and Stacy visited the kindergarten classrooms. Reghan sang a short solo for a classroom. Fidelis explained palm tree to our team and its usefulness. Ethan did our morning devos and then we were off for the day!

Next, we went back to the deaf school to share our VBS about the armor of God and a craft. Ethan was the model of the armor of God. We gifted the school with balls and jerseys! We played and laughed with the children for quite a while. The girls noticed I was wearing five rings and thought I had five husbands hahahaha J nope.

We dropped off a few more at Sylvia’s today and the rest of us hung out in the neighborhood. Then we drove to a local market for some shopping. It rained a little bit but it was refreshing.

We ate a quick dinner at the hotel.

Friday night deaf church tonight! A few churches joined us. Lots of prayer and dancing! We were there from 6:30-9:15. Jeff spoke on 1 Corthinians 1.

Tomorrow we have our marriage conference. Pray for the people who come and our speakers! We are having a blast and learning a lot about patience.


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