2 Jul

July 2nd

While we were waiting for our bus to come Mikal led devos and then we walked down the street looking at some vendors.  We even crossed the busy street with no injuries 😉

Our first stop was the public high school called Chemu, where Pastor Raymond’s sons go/have gone. We all meet with the principal (following traditional Ghanaian protocol) then had an official tour of the school, which they are very proud of. We also interrupted all the classes to introduce ourselves and answer questions about America. They were giggling and clapping over Tore, Ethan and Nolan’s ages. They always clap when we introduce families, I’m not sure why but it’s hilarious. We got to see their science labs, computer labs, home ec, woodworking, general education, PE, the library, etc.

Then we went to the deaf school in Tema and met with the headmistress. We got there just as classes were done for the day so we skipped our VBS (which we will hopefully do tomorrow) and played soccer and volleyball. It was a lot of fun, we all sweated a lot! Our American boys got their butts kicked in soccer against the deaf Ghanaians. Tyler and Todd “helped” build the wall hahah. We were able to gift the school with their own brick making machine so they can continue to fix the wall. The children were very sassy and it was fun signing with them!

Next, Todd, Kari, Jeff, Emily and Annie met with Sylvia while the rest of our team went to a dear lady’s home who is taking care of 16 orphans and has 3 more biological children. Joy and love was evident in her home. She takes their education very seriously and wants each child to go on to college. It was a blessing to hang out with their family.

We went out to eat at a nearby restaurant, which is kinda like a big gazebo (a roof, but no walls). And it poured which was refreshing. Everyone laughed that I had my raincoat with me… but it came in handy J

Ruby bought us all fresh pineapple! We are so spoiled.

Tomorrow we plan to visit Angels school where the youngest Mensah son goes. Then go back to the deaf school to do our VBS, a few more will go to Sylvia’s, maybe to the home with 16+ children or maybe hand out tracts on the streets.

So far everyone is healthly. We are tired today because we ran a lot in the heat. Your prayers are so appreciated!


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