day one: youth conference

1 Jul

Today was our youth conference because it is a national holiday so most didn’t work or have school. We had such a wonderful time. Raymond and Ruby presented each of us with Ghanaian banners / scarves with each of our names on them. Annie told the story about Nehemiah, the walls, the gates and Nehemiah’s leadership. Corey, Jeff and Fidelis dug deeper into the story teaching everyone a lot of great things. Mark, Tyler and I shared our testimonies in relationship to the teachings. The Angels choir sang several songs. Pastor Jones shared jokes and a sermon. We break into small groups after each session to discuss what the teachings meant to us. They served a delicious lunch of chicken and rice, which we’ve also had for both dinners. There was some dramatic interpretative dancing, oh and Jonathon did most of the sign language interpreting.

Tyler, Mark, Annie, Ryan and I went to see Sylvia today, a sweet lady with MS, who is confined to her bed.

Tomorrow while we wait for our van we will play at the school next to our hotel during their recess. Then go to a deaf school to share a VBS type session about the armor of God, help build a wall around their school, do a craft, present the school principal with gifts and play soccer. If there’s time we hope to visit an orphanage in town.

Pray for Jeff as he is going back to the airport right now to *hopefully* get our lost two suitcases. Pray for Ryan and Lauren as they are teaching the VBS tomorrow and Stacy as she will interpret. Pray for Tyler and his team of boys as they attempt to fix the wall with Ghanaian tools. Pray for “kids” of our team as they lead soccer and volleyball games. Pray for our team – for energy, continued good health and the Holy Spirit to guide our interactions.


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