tug tug tug

19 Jun

If I could remind myself of one sentence throughout my day it would be “to live life without regrets and full of thanksgiving”

God stirs little thoughts in my head. And I can’t get them out of my head if I don’t follow through. Like not complimenting Indian lady’s dress on our honeymoon. Or asking that girl in Goodwill if she was ok. Or not asking that homeless man for his name. Or not pulling over to help that lady in Bellingham carry her groceries down the street. Or not buying that rad fringe shirt – just kidding! I won’t go into high school regrets that would take far too long.

But I am learning to follow through on those tugs on my heart and when I do amazing things happen. Like the dear homeless man I took out to lunch in Lynden. Oh my we got the funniest looks – thank you sir for the beautiful portrait you drew of me. I hope your day was a little better because of our interaction, mine was.

The best thing about those “tugs” on my heart is that its all God. He is so sneaky, so awesome, with his quiet and gentle nudging us. Guiding us towards people and situations. And when I ignore Him I immediately regret it and can’t seem to get those situations out of my head.

One of those tugs was to go to Ghana with our church two years ago, which I am so grateful for. It was a drastic tug, but that trip taught me so much:
-about joy, true joy coming only from God!
-the true meaning of hospitality
-the realities of being deaf in Ghana
-my heart of missions deepened
-the road to healing began
-fell in love with sign language

And it all began with a tug years ago. And now I get to go back. To see my Ghanaian friends. With a better knowledge of ASL. With my husband. With my family. My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and love. In this past year I have been overwhelmed with support from family & friends and their generosity. I am in awe of the generosity, every time I post on our facebook page with a request it gets answered almost immediately. We just packed 24+ suitcases full of school supplies, athletic balls, clothing, games, hygiene products, etc for our Ghanaian church because of peoples’ generosity. I can’t even handle it. Thank you thank you thank you. Please continue to pray for our team!

If you wanna stay updated or learn more about our trip check out our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/FrcGhanaTrip 



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