hello kitty, circa 2002

23 Mar

I’ve been digging through all journals looking for a book title I read once and look what I found….. my rocking Hello Kitty journal. In elementary school, Chelsea and I loved Hello Kitty… hence this journal. In 2002, I wrote this adorable post about what “my mission” was.


“My Mission. I want to go to Africa & India & teach & help them learn about God. And help American children. Help orphans, homeless, foster kids. Money plans to help.  I want to help the homeless … or fost… kids so I am raising money. I am dividing money into 5 parts”. 🙂

The best part about exploring my old journals was that I discovered consistent themes over the last 17 years of writing such as “my mission”. Which is still true to this day. How crazy is that.

My journals were full of things God has taught me – dreams / passions – to do lists / books to read – names of people I’ve met – doodles – pouring out my heart to God. Hard evidence of God’s goodness and faithfulness throughout my life. He is such a good teacher and source of comfort. I love how He has laid similar situations, countries and people on my heart over the years. Its reassuring to know my job / my schooling aligns with what is importance in my heart.

I love walks down memory lane. And words – reminders – Jesus.



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