sentimental pack-rat

26 Jun

As I pack up my room and sort through my sentimental pack-rat room of memories. Childhood dolls, mementoes, junkie toys, journals, dreams. (Ok I found notes from middle school math… oops… that’s embarrassing). Overall I’ve discovered my young dreams and passions among my pack-rat room. Some I’ve accomplished. Some I’m working on. And some I had forgotten about. I found detailed notes on how much it would take to buy a horse, yeah that will never happen. But my dreams about helping children, traveling to various places are 100% true to this day and hopefully forever. My dream to go to INDIA is still in the making, right Meagan?! This bulletin board in my room is a missions board I made in middle school highlighting my plans. And I can’t bear to destroy it… sorry momma. I am excited for this transition in my life to marriage and my own home with Ryan. I’m grateful for the forced reflection on my life and dreams. And make new dreams with Ryan about where our life will take us. Pray for us! 15 days!



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