19 Jan

things I’ve learned this time around in Guatemala // ten days is never enough time // the reasons why I fell in love with Guatemala five years ago // boys will forever be boys aka laugh at the same jokes no matter their age // silence during meals proves a hard day’s work // I miss Ghana and sign language // mountains >>> everything else // education is life changing, especially for the vulnerable and disabled // spanish is a beautiful language that I need to continue to learn // laughter, stories & coffee go together // angry birds & one direction are universal // loving on kids will always be a part of my life // being tall & white is always hilarious for some reason // service and love hand in hand produce wonderful relationships, memories, & projects // one piece swim suits are cool // excited for life long adventures with my ry guy // kids are the first step to reconciliation // handmade corn flour are delicious // walks remind us to slow down & notice the little things // child like faith & prayer is incredible // Ghana and Guatemala most definitely have the most beautiful & distinctive fabrics // I can’t wait to come back to mis amigos in Solola this August // there is no such thing as too much cuddling, laughing & tickling // never leave home without a comfy sweatshirt & snacks // God created children to have a family, a home, love // my favorite Spanish word continues to be Esperanza = hope

all in all God is so good and slowly revealing his heart & his plan for my life to me.



One Response to “esperanza”

  1. Audrey January 22, 2014 at 9:46 pm #

    And sometimes, more often than not, a sleep aid is so so helpful! 🙂

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