So busy and blessed

4 Jul

Yesterday we visited Pastor Raymond’s sons schools. We performed at the eldest son’s chapel, which was so wonderful. He attends a very good public school. Christians here in Ghana are not ashamed of their faith. They sing and pray in public schools. They put bumper stickers praising God in their cars. They name their stores with Christian names or sayings… Their faith is so evident in their daily lives! Just like Romans 1:16 // I am not ashamed of the Gospel because it is power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

At the younger school we spent a couple of hours playing at their extended recess. Oh my word I am so sore from playing, dancing, squatting, and laughing! They called me “auntie” which was too fun.

I met a young man named Daniel who is wise beyond his years. He is 11 and his mom is deaf. He is sooo amazing at signing for being so young. I am extremely jealous. Margaret and I asked him his favorite verse. He shared part of the 10 commandments then preceded into a mini sermon. He taught me many things within our short time together. He was continuing thanking God for his good faithfulness. Daniel soaks in the teachings of his pastors, taking notes on everything because even though he does not need the information now, he will later in life! Lastly he firmly believes that you shouldn’t pray without reading God’s Word, because apart they (the Bible and prayer) are worthless. He is a soft and well-spoken, yet passionate “mini preacher” ….. when I asked him if he wanted to be pastor, he replied with a smile “only Gods knows”. Daniel is a true example of child like faith that I want to strive for!

We spent the evening at church with our deaf friends. I literally can’t describe (it would take me a novel) how much they blessed me with their worship, prayers, and presence. I cried through the service because of their genuine joy and love for the Lord and his people, even though they are heavily mistreated. They have stolen a chunk of my heart, forever becoming my family. I love them so much.

Today we drove on a long, beautiful, bumpy, windy journey to the “bush” where we visited an orphanage. The director has a beautiful vision and heart for these children. They danced for us. We shared gifts and love. All ages received a beanie baby to hug and cherish to remind them that we and God love them a lot. Fidelis gave the director futbols and jerseys so they can create teams and play. We had a short time with them to the rain and long trip back. I also got to meet our faithful prayer warrior and daughter of Annie, Sylvia. She was a huge blessing to our team.

Tomorrow we are going to Accra to shop quick before our first lunch (we usually don’t eat lunch) then maybe church or a goodbye dinner. We shall see, each day is full of new surprises. Love you!


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