waiting on the Lord

2 Jul

Today was JAM packed! We spent the day at two deaf schools. God has been blessing those teachers, children and schools… they have taught me about God’s faithfulness for sure! I wish we would have had more time with those two schools for the deaf today. We are learning basic sign language to communicate with the kids. I can say the basic sentences about where I am from, name, age, church, school, etc. Tonight we had another AWANA group where they recited songs, prayers and bible verses. Their hearts are full of Jesus. Keven shared “this little light of mine” and glow sticks with them. Tomorrow we are visiting Pastor Raymond’s son’s school.

I soo deeply wish that all of you were here with me in Ghana- seeing, worshipping, experiencing, signing, hearing, and smelling everything that I am. Pictures don’t do justice. Words cant fully describe. Tears (of joy or pain) wouldn’t even explain how I feel. Ah its frustrating trying to share these things with you. I’ve definitely fallen in love with Africa. They have taught me that there is no limits with God, loving or worshipping him. Emily believe it or not… I am slowly getting used to Africa time haha… late drivers, random stops for food, etc.

I wish I had time to build deeper relationships. I wish I would remember all their names. I wish I knew better sign language. I wish I could stay here longer. I wish all of you were here with me. I wish I had a way to solve the poverty and hurt I see. Yet all I can do is pray and trust God’s good and perfect plan. I will wait for God’s timing just as I wait on Africa time. Psalm 27:13-14 // I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of he Lord in the land of the living (in our broken world). Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Thank you loved ones for your support. I would love to post more photos, but the wi-fi is sooo slow. I was lucky to get a few photos on our facebook page. Most of us are in good health, pray that no one gets sick, for strength and encouragement! Pray for that hearts of those we have yet to encounter that they will be open, willing and prepared to meet us. Pray for those we have met that they will continue to fall more deeply in love with Christ. Pray for those we will never meet- deaf and disabled left alone in their homes with parents unwilling to learn their sign language or learn to love their children. Their stories break my heart.

PS Grandma– Grandpa is in his element, just loving all these children and the music….Triet calls him Chaplain, and everyone else (literally all of Ghana) calls him Grandpa… its stinking adorable. Everyone wants a photo with Grandpa! And Mom don’t worry about me at all… Fidelis is SO SO SO protective of what I eat, wear and do. I feel as safe as can be.


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