YOUTH conference

1 Jul
Our Youth Conference was such a blessing today. It was a testimony to God’s love for children and his desire for them to lead. The worship was unbelievable. Africa does a great job of raising their children to deeply love and worship God… its absolutely amazing. Their worship brought our team to tears. The children wonderful examples of Jesus, just like 1 Timothy 4:12.  Corey shared his story along with how to fight against temptations. Margaret and Fidelis shared their testimonies. Fidelis included how we need to trust God, because he will provide.  Margaret shared her heart about how we need to abide in God’s Word to spend time getting to know him. We split up into discussion groups where they asked deep questions about their challenges with their faith and relationship. Then Grandpa followed up with illustrations of 5 hands of 5 fingers… ask him to explain it 🙂 We spent the afternoon playing soccer and chatting with our friends. All week everyone has begging us to come back, come back. Oh my word I want to so bad!
Tomorrow is our fullest day! Pray for stamina and good attitudes. Pray for all we will interact with at the deaf schools and in Newtown.

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