little joys

1 Jul

Two days ago we held our Pastors’ Conference and it wonderful, full of learning, worshipping and dancing with our brothers and sisters from Ghana. Jeff spoke first teaching us about how to be a discipline of Jesus, because we all have gifts that we can use. At lunch and in our discussion groups we got the opportunity to have fellowship with those who came. The majority was deaf, yet we laughed and communicated through language barriers. It was beautiful (the women gave me a sign for my name so I don’t have to sign out my name). After lunch Grandpa (aka Curt) shared about how to love like Jesus within relationships. They appreciated the teaching of Curt and Jeff so much, especially the pastors. They couldn’t stop asking questions and thanking them for their wisdom. At the end we gave the pastors’ wives and other women simple gift bags (well, simple to us Americans) full of soap, washcloths, headbands and the Days for Girls kits. They LOVED it all and were so grateful. The joy these simple gifts brought them was evident. Mom, I told the women you picked out the fabric and sewed each headband. They were so blessed by your hands, they repeated asked me to tell you that. I miss you Momma 🙂 and everyone else!

Yesterday was AWANA Sunday, similar to FRC’s youth sunday. The children danced, sang, played their flutes, recited verses and received gifts (our donations of hygiene and school supplies). Jeff and Stacy both got the opportunity to speak today. Stacy shared her story, incorporating how God has his fingerprints on our lives. Each child got a handmade necklace with a fingerprint on it to remember that God does have his fingerprint on their lives! After the service we constantly surrounded by children wanting to be known and loved. There were over 100 children wanting their picture taken, to share their names and ask questions. We spent a few hours talking, laughing, taking photos, as Margaret said “the best chaos ever.” It was way too much fun!

Honestly, I cant even begin to describe how much I loved these last few days. I loved worshipping and dancing with the beautiful people of Tema. I loved laughing and talking with the women and children, they loved our skin and hair. (Margaret’s freckles were a big hit!) Attempting to sign with the deaf women. I loved every part of it, words cant even describe. There was so many little moments that brought me such joy- their smiles, laughter, ‘nice to meet you’, their gratitude. I am so thankful that God allowed me to come spend time with these beautiful people. I would LOVE to do this for the rest of my life. It is obvious through their lives that they love love love Jesus, which reminded me of Psalm 126 // Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy, then it was said among the nations (Ghana) … that The Lord HAS done great things for us and we were filled with joy!

Today we are going to host our Youth Conference with the theme “I can do” based off Philippians 4:13. Pray for the youth who are coming (ages 10-30). Pray for our speakers and worship team. Pray for our separated (women and men) discussions groups. We got another opportunity to share the Days for Girls kits tomorrow. Sorry for the long post, we had no wifi yesterday. thank you for your continued support and prayers! You dont even know how much I appreciate it. We love yall!


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