my africa story

19 Jun

At our sleepovers as little girls, Meagan and I would dream about being missionaries, discuss countries we wanted to go serve in, read countless books and spent afternoons talking with Vivianna. This began my Africa story. As we grew up, our dreams as missionaries seemed to disappear to the back burners of our lives. One afternoon my parents sat my brothers and I down, they had a surprise for us. I guessed that they were adopting (my biggest wish). Ehh kinda they replied. Our family was going to sponsor a girl from Ethiopia who was my age… practically a new sister they told me. We began sending letters and photos back and then. I was determined to see her in person someday. (Which is yet to happen) Then I went to college and meet my roommate Margaret who had a passion for Africa, especially when it came to child soldiers and the LRA. Together we read books about Africa (that Morgan and her mom recommended), prayed, volunteered with World Vision (with Morgan), sponsored Cedrick from Rwanda (with dear friends and roommates) and cried through movies about the children of Africa (which Sonya interrupted often– I miss that Sons). At about the same time, my best friend Emily and I both felt a tug in our hearts to actually travel and serve in Africa. We prayed a lot about it and researched programs to go through. Finally, one day in the fall of 2011, Emily called me. Our church was planning a trip to Africa- our prayers had been answered. Emily was too anxious and left that summer for Mozambique. I am obviously the patient one ūüėČ NOT. As details of our trip to Ghana finalized, I found out that our trip was dedicated to hanging out and serving the disabled and deaf community. A passion of mine, that I share with my grandpa. He taught me a little sign language as I was growing up because he drove a special education bus- a job he loved. Sign language became our thing, the way we tried to secretly communicate at church and family events. I became involved with Special Olympics with my cousin in Washington and with Margaret in Minnesota. This trip to Ghana connected many passions of mine: children, Africa, my desire to serve and the special needs community. God is SO cool. Now the time has finally arrived, a long awaited prayer has been answered. The funds have come in, thanks for my mother’s diligent sewing skills, the crafty help of my roommates and support of my hometown. Meagan and I are fulfilling our childhood dreams. Emily is praying for my trip, as well as sharing advice she learned from her own trip to Africa. Margaret and I are preparing our hearts and suitcases. Grandpa and I are practicing our sign language. One week left! If you wanna stay updated or learn more about our trip check out our facebook page:¬† Apparently all my friends are bookworms so I thought I’d share a few titles: Kisses from Katie, Passport through Darkness, Girl Solider, Infidel, Live Dead¬†Journal, King Peggy


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  1. tug tug tug | laurenolson - June 19, 2015

    […] And it all began with a tug years ago.¬†And now I get to go back. To see my Ghanaian friends. With a better knowledge of ASL. With my husband. With my family. My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and love. In this past year I have been overwhelmed with support from family &¬†friends and their generosity. I am in awe of the generosity, every time I post on our facebook page with a request it gets answered almost immediately. We just packed 24+ suitcases full of school supplies, athletic balls, clothing, games, hygiene products, etc for our Ghanaian church because of peoples’ generosity. I can’t even handle it. Thank you thank you thank you.¬†Please continue to pray for our team! […]

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