break my heart as yours is broken

16 Jun

Lord, “I pray you would give me a heart for those on the roadside. For those… who are forgotten and ignored… Help me to give them my undivided attention. Help me to give myself to them as you did—to show mercy, to do what I can. And though I may not be able to loose them from their chains or free them from their separate prisons,
help me to visit faithfully so they may know that someone cares
help me to bring a meal so they may be nourished
help me to say a kind word so they may be encouraged
help me to give a gentle touch so they may be comforted
help me to provide a blanket so they may be made warm
help me to give a pillow so they may have a soft place to lay their heads
help me to lend a listening ear so their stories may be heard.
Help me whenever, wherever, and however I can to bring the light to someone who sits in darkness” (p. 272-273).

Why do I pray this prayer? Why do I want my heart to break like yours? What is your heart like?

“How many genocides did you witness because there was no peace between nations? How many homicides, because there was no peace between neighbors? How many suicides ,because there was no peace in the human heart?… How much injustice? How much, Lord, did you see? How much did you feel? How many tears did those eyes of yours cry?… I pray for that world which you cradle so closely to your heart. A world that is on the brink of breaking apart. A world that is war-torn and weary. A world that knows so little of the peace you have to offer. … help me to understand the dark secret of love, the secret that only suffering can reveal: that if I love long enough and deeply enough, someday my heart will be broken. As yours is broken” (p. 301-302).

From Moments with the Savior, by Ken Gire


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