7 Apr

Angkor Wat

Umbrellas at Ankgor Wat Temples // I love the tourists with their bright umbrellas protecting them from the sun as they exit the magnificent Ankgor Wat temples. These temples are one of the seven wonders of the world! My trip to Cambodia was full of extremes, within a day I saw the stark differences within Cambodia’s country. I’d visited the Royal Palace and the awe-inspiring Angkor Temples, and yet around the corner was corruption, poverty and suffering due to old prison camps and post-genocide effects. Beautiful, yet pain filled Cambodia.

Phnom Penh riverboat community

River Village in Phnom Penh // These beautiful people live on the river. Their community of boats made up their ‘river village’. People generate food and income from the Mekong River. As I reflect on my trip to Cambodia, there are countless memories that I want to impress in my brain and heart forever. I want to remember the faces and stories of the beautiful people I have met. I want to remember what I’ve learned. I want to remember not only the good, but the bad I’ve witnessed in Cambodia. I want my life to be changed.

Olson- three

Goodnight Sun at Gulf of Thailand // I was blessed to watch the sunset on the beach of Cambodia into the Gulf of Thailand. In Psalm 148:1-14, the author shares the idea that one day all of creation will praise God. “Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise him in the heights! Praise him, all his angels; praise him, all his hosts! Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars! Praise him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens! Let them praise the name of the Lord!”

Olson- five

And it was good, Gulf of Thailand // As I snorkeled through this bright blue sea I constantly reminded of God’s creativity. Genesis 1:21 shares “So God created the great sea creatures and every living creature that moves, with which the waters swarm, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”
Angkor WatRun, Run, Run at Ankgor Wat Temples // The joy of carefree play was obvious from these children as they ran alongside the Ankgor Wat Temples. I am reminded of a story in Luke 18 where Jesus rebukes his disciples for not allowing the children to come to Him. He shares about the importance of having a simple faith like a child.


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